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inspiring primary care innovation.

"Thanks for your commitment to pain education. It has been of tremendous value to our Family Medicine Residency and Health Center. Prior to our involvement in this Chronic Pain Collaborative our resident surveys listed the stress of pain care as their #1 complaint. Now the residents, faculty, and staff are clearly more educated, confident, and motivated to provide high quality pain care in a collaborative teamwork fashion."

- Bruce Kenney, DO, Faculty member and Director of Osteopathic Medical Education,
Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency and Health Center.

"I believe Project ECHO Pain has helped me to have more honest, direct conversations with patients about the impact and risks of long term narcotics. I am more confident about treatment options and nonnarcotic medications for neuropathic pain and migraine headaches."

- Julie Brady, MD,
Colorado Springs Health Partners, PC.

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