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Contact Us

The Weitzman Institute welcomes questions, ideas, comments and possible collaborations.


631 Main Street,
Middletown, CT 06457

If you are interested in joining any of our programs or would like to learn more about the trainings and consulting that we offer, please select your area of interest below:


Adriana Rojas - Administrative Coordinator

(860) 347-6971 Ext. 3607

Clinical Workforce Development National Cooperative Agreement 

Reema Mistry - Program Assistant

(860) 347-6971 Ext. 3699


Daren Anderson, MD - VP/Chief Quality Officer


QI Training & Consulting

Patti Feeney - Manager, Quality Improvement Education

(860) 347-6971 Ext. 3732

Project ECHO®

Ági Erickson - Director of Project ECHO®

(860) 347-6971 Ext. 3741


Jose Villagra - Program Manager

(860) 347-6971 Ext. 3656

Post-Graduate Residency Training Programs

Kerry Bamrick - Senior Program Manager, Post-Graduate Residency Programs

(860) 347-6971 Ext. 3728