Care Coordination Survey

Study Name: 
Care Coordination in the Patient Centered Medical Home: Developing a Measurement Toolkit for Primary Care in a Community Health Center
Study Period: 
January 15, 2012 to April 15, 2014
Aetna Foundation
Principal Investigators: 
Daren Anderson, MD; Veena Channamsetty, MD

Care coordination is a central component to many health care reform efforts to improve patients’ health, patients’ experience of care and at the same time lower costs. Currently, there are very few tools available to assess the quality of care coordination in various settings, and there are none that are specific to our setting. This project will develop and validate a set of measures that can be used to evaluate the provision of care coordination in primary care in the Patient Centered Medical Home from the perspectives of the patient, the primary care staff, and the healthcare organization. In this project, we are developing a conceptual model for care coordination based on a thorough review of the literature, and then using a consensus approach, called the electronic Delphi technique, to develop a survey tool that can assess the domains of the model in an outpatient, community health setting. We then will validate the tool by administering it to clinical and administrative staff, and patients across CHCI medical sites.

Press Releases: 

Community Health Center, Inc. receives $250,000 grant from Aetna for study to improve coordination of health care.
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This project has broad significance for community health centers and other primary care delivery systems nationwide. Health centers across the nation need tools to assist in evaluating care coordination interventions. Care coordination is a core element of the Patient Centered Medical Home model that is being tested and implemented in a wide range of settings. By critically evaluating existing tools and deriving a clear set of appropriate measures and metrics for care coordination, our work will be critically useful both within the national Community Health Center network, and beyond.