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Quality Improvement Specialist Training | Weitzman Institute

Quality Improvement Specialist Training

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Program and Curriculum

  • Created specifically by health care staff in a primary care setting
  • Sessions are taught entirely by expert faculty from Community Health Center, Inc.’s Weitzman Quality Institute
  • Customizable curriculum to suit the needs of any practice
  • Virtual training and face-to-face options


Fully trained Performance Improvement Specialists will be equipped with the proper tools to:

  • Run effective meetings
  • Facilitate group processes
  • Apply LEAN principles to practice
  • Lead QI teams


Course Objectives

To provide training in a comprehensive quality improvement model to individuals who will be actively engaged in improvement efforts at all levels of a healthcare organization.

Course Overview

The Weitzman Quality Improvement Specialist Training Course will introduce new concepts and skills in order to lead, coach or facilitate teams using specific tools to engage and empower team members to be stronger communicators and have more effective meeting sessions. This course will demonstrate and provide hands-on experience to utilize Lean, Six Sigma, microsystems and other tools in order to directly impact how teams go about improving and implementing processes. This interactive training course will also provide sound structure and focus to deliver highly effective coaching support in your organization.

*Nelson EC, Batalden PB, Godfrey MM. Quality by design: A clinical microsystems approach. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass; 2007.

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